October 17, 2011

Upcoming Events....

Hello All...

We are busy as ever and as usual have a million little projects and events going. With the holiday season upon us, we are gearing up full speed! Join us for any or all of our photo fun events...

It will be tough for us to beat our fabulous Halloween costumes from last year, but we are sure going to try:

The prefect holiday themed portrait opportunity:

And as the previous post mentioned we are once again shooting the Unleash the Holidays Pet photos here at the studio....check below for more details!

October 4, 2011

Annual Unleash the Holidays Pet Photography Event

Debbie & Ashley would love to meet your "other children!" Make your appointment for our Annual Unleash the Holidays Pet Photography Event...here at the studio Nov. 11-12. Call now 739-3249! Proceeds go to animal charity of your choice.


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